- 2nd September, 2015: presentation of the project to the teachers of Ategorri High School, Bizkaia, Spain.

- 7th September, 2015: the schools are informed about the achievement of the project through their websites.
Plinio Seniore

- 10th September, 2015:
Project Facebook account is opened to disseminate the project:
facebook account
More facebook accounts lodging FOR project`s news:
Urbi institutua Classics, instituto Urbi institutua, Liceo Classico Plinio Seniore
Project blog is created to disseminate the project activities:
for-erasmus blogspot
More blogs lodging FOR project`s news:
eTwinning Basque Country, Kultura Klasikoa, Sociedad Española de Estudios Clásicos-Sección País Vasco, Sociedad Española de Estudios Clásicos, la casa de los embajadores twinSpace
Project twitter account to disseminate activities and results:

- 12th September, 2015: creation and delivery of a digital explanatory brochure to the teachers of the schools.

-17th September, 2015: preparation of Erasmus+ corners.




- 17th September, 2015: project platforms are linked to the created "European Erasmus+ Projects" location in the website of schools.

- 24th September, 2015 presentation of the project in the International Meeting of the Erasmus project "It´s my life, it´s my choice" organised by Laudio High School with the presence of the partners from Netherlands,Turkey and Sweden.

Programme of the seminar

24th Sepember, 2015 Laudio ( 1).JPG

- 4th October, 2015:
Project gmail account is created to use Google tools.
Project YouTube channel is created to upload project videos.
Finding Erasmus

- 6th October, 2015:
Meeting with parents at IES Urbi. Parents are given a flyer on the project in Spanish and Basque.

- 12th October, 2015: The project is spread via email to the students of the school.


- 30th, 31th October, 2015: eTwinning Ambassadors Meeting in Madrid. The project is presented to every ambassador.


- 4th November, 2015: an article about F.O.R. project is published in the Italian newspaper "Il Matino".

rassegna stampa009.jpg

- 6th November, 2015: F.O.R. project in the Greek Congress of Education in the ICT era & Amp; Of Innovation Eugenides Foundation. By Katerina Tzamou, page 23

- November, 2015: The rules for the logo contest are sent to every students of the 3 schools.


- 12th November, 2015: the presented logos in the contest are shown in Erasmus corners.


- 19th November, 2015: F.O.R. project in the 80th Panhellenic Educational Congress. By Katerina Tzamou, 8th lecture, 11th page.

- 20th November, 2015: a Power Point related to the project created ad hoc is linked in the website of the school. It could be watched on the hall's TV.

- 1st December, 2015: article in Geuria newspaper presenting the project.



- From 11th December, 2015 to 8th January, 2016:
ppt-s and movie maker videos related to the 1st mobility are made and uploaded to project Youtube channel and linked to project blog wiki facebook

- 22nd December, 2015: Erasmus corners are arranged with 1st mobility activities.
corner 1st mobility.JPG

- 16th January, 2016: a WhatsApp group is created to communicate with teachers involved in the project.

- 17th January, 2016: email to every member of the community to inform about the 1st term activities.


- 1st February, 2016: a banner is located in visible places to be seen for every member of the schools.

banner 1.jpg

- 3rd February, 2016: "Open doors" day with new students and their parents. Teachers inform about F.O.R. through a brochure and a QR code.

parents meeting 2.jpg

parents meeting 1.jpg

qr_img (1).png

- 5th February, 2016: The winner logos are shown in Erasmus+ corners.

winner logos.JPG

- 14th February, 2016: the project is disseminated through Twitter.

- 26th February, 2016: the 2nd mobility students and teachers are received by the responsible of the Greek Municipality Psychiko.

Athens municipality 2.jpeg

Athens municipality 1.jpg

- From 25th February to 3rd March, 2016: Activities and photographs of the 2nd mobility are uploaded to the platforms: blog facebook wiki

- 7th March, 2016: Erasmus Corners are arranged with the 2nd mobility photos.

2nd mobility.JPG

- 10th March, 2016: a T-shirt is created to be used during the 3rd mobility.


tshirt 1.jpg

tshirt 2.jpg

- 31st March, 2016: the project platforms are linked to the website of the Basauri city council.

Basauri web site.jpg

- 11th March, 2016: the students and teachers of the 3rd mobility are welcomed by the town councillor in charge of culture.


- From 18th to 22nd April, 2016:
activities and photographs of the 3rd mobility are uploaded to the platforms: blog facebook wiki

- April, 2016: drawings made by Painting students show the project content at school.



- 28th April, 2016: Erasmus Corners are arranged with 3rd mobility photos.

3rd mobility.JPG

- Last week April, 2016: Activities and photographs of the 2nd mobility are uploaded to the platforms: blog facebook wiki

- 26th April, 2016: The platforms of the project are linked to the website of BIGE (Bizkaiko Guraso Elkartea, Parents Association of Bizkaia).


- September, 2016: at the beginning of the school year the Erasmus corners are arranged with information about the project.


corner 2.JPG

- 27th September, 2016: teachers of Urbi School are invited to the Transnational Meeting.


- 29th September, 2016: Project is linked to the blog of the Sociedad Española de Estudios Clásicos (Spanish Classical Studies Society)

- 3rd to 6th October, 2016: "Focus on multilingualism: language integration in the curriculum" course in Donostia-San Sebastián organised by UPV (Basque Country University).Instructors: DREAM group, UPV/EHU-Ikerbasque: Jasone Cenoz, Durk Gorter, Xabier Etxague, Elizabet Arocena, Alaitz Santos. Instructors from universities abroad Angel Lin, University of Hong Kong, China Kate Menken, City University of New York, US Igone Arteagoitia, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, US. The project is disseminated.


- 18th October, 2016: every member of the school is informed about the project via email.

- 20th October, 2016: conference organised by Center of Educational Supporting of Bizkaia (Berritzegune B06).

blog Berritzegune B06
video presentation



- 26th October, 2016: meeting with parents and target students. Working on eELP (European Language Portfolio).


- 15th November, 2016: Presentation in Basque Country University, Campus of Vitoria- Gasteiz.



presentation video


- 22nd November, 2016: email informing about the project activities.


- 19th December, 2016:
Erasmus Corners with information about the 4th mobility.


Activities and photographs of the 4th mobility are uploaded to the platforms: blog facebook wiki

- 30th January, 2017: Meeting of Classical Languages teachers of Basque Country at Urbi High School. Presentation of the project.


-2nd February, 2017: article in Geuria newspaper.


-2nd February, 2017: Open Doors Day at Urbi high school. The project is presente to new students and families.


- 21st February, 2017: The project is presented in the Educational Support Center of Leioa.

urbi 3 (1).jpg

- 10th March, 2017: Erasmus Corners inform about the 5th mobility.



Activities and photographs of the 5th mobility are uploaded to the platforms: blog facebook wiki

- 25th March, 2017: Presentation of the project in Madrid. "Innovative teaching methods for Classical Languages" organised by the national SEEC (Sociedad de Estudios Clásicos) (Classical Studies Society)

Symposium SEEC programme

Classics through English, why not? by Amaya Selaya on Scribd


- 11th April, 2017: Erasmus corners inform about the 6th mobility.



Activities and photographs of the 6th mobility are uploaded to the platforms: blog facebook wiki

- 31st May, 2017: presentation in Berritzegune Nagusia (Central Educational Support) in Vitoria-Gasteiz to the responsables of ICT of Basque Country. The responsable of European Projects of the Basque Government, Conchi Berguera, was there.

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- 6th June, 2017: presentation of the project in Geuria newspaper.

Article Geuria newspaper


-3rd, 4th July, 2017: eTwinning embassadors course in INTEF, Madrid.